Gioielleria Rastelli

Gioielleria Rastelli, a gem in the heart of Cremona, is one of Italy’s most prestigious jewellers. Thanks to our work, a combination of commitment, study and skill, we are among the 100 most important diamond retailers in the country and a benchmark for jewellery lovers and members of the trade. We look forward to welcoming you to our historic atelier in Corso Garibaldi, a refined, discreet space where the very finest handmade jewellery joins extreme client care to offer a unique and priceless experience.

La nostra storia

Ours is the story of a family journey round the streets of Cremona over two centuries and three generations. A journey of dreams and devotion that began on February 3 1933 with the opening of our first jewellery workshop. Not even the war could halt the family’s progress as the workshop was moved to Corso Garibaldi. Under Luigi Carlo Rastelli, it was enlarged to cast jewellery and watchmaking in the starring role. In 1961, in another incredible stage on the journey, it was the fresh energy of Luigi Carlo’s grandson, Tino Rastelli, and his wife Lucia that began to transform the craft workshop into a modern business. In the 1970s the creations of the most prestigious brands sparkled in the windows of the shop on Corso Garibaldi, which soon became a favourite destination for the most refined, demanding clients.

Tino and Lucia’s children, Corrado and Maura, took over the reins in 1999, consolidating the boutique with their studies, international experience and huge passion and shaping its identity for the new millennium. Today the name Rastelli is a synonym of high-quality handmade jewellery, fine workmanship, the quest for precious gems and the culture of the antique – with a special eye on contemporary design. This journey of ours is the story of a return to our origins, accompanied by our priceless cultural baggage and guided by our clear vision of a future in which innovation and tradition fuse as one.

Maura Rastelli

This world has always been my passion. I took a degree in economics with a thesis on antique jewellery before graduating at the Gemological Institute of America and at Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy. I also specialised in antique jewellery at the Associazione Orafa Lombarda, the Lombardy Goldsmiths’Association. I trained in London at the prestigious Sotheby’s auction house, where I was able to learn the secrets of antique jewellery from the world’s greatest experts. I’m a designer in constant pursuit of unique stones from which I can draw inspiration, a professional fine antique valuer, an educator on the world of luxury and a consultant for the Bulgari Heritage Collection. I place my experience at the service of our company to which I devote by all my creative sensitivity, my detailed knowledge of jewellery and the passion of a lifetime.

Corrado Rastelli

I’m a jewellery designer and expert gemologist, a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America. I trained in New York, one of the world’s most important centres for the processing and commercialisation of diamonds, where culture and innovation live by side, for me a source of inspiration. The most passionate, creative part of me coexists with a modern entrepreneurial vision, perfected by my marketing studies at the Institut CFH in Lausanne and numerous other international experiences. It is with great pride that I constantly apply myself to transferring these experiences to our company, its most innovative projects and the guardianship of its precious tradition.

Il nostro savoir faire

We offer you our experience in the word of jewellery and the goldsmith’s art to help you discover our unique creations and exclusive services. At our boutique you can either choose a piece of jewellery or ask us to create a personal design all for you. We also delight in taking care of your jewellery, repairing it and endowing it with new life and contemporary beauty. As antique jewellery experts, we are in a position to appraise your vintage collection, certify your gems, and also tempt you with one of our exclusive Heritage pieces.

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